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How to send money to Chile with Sendity?

Register on Sendity and save money on your remittances to Chile. Follow these important steps to send euros to Chile at the best exchange rate on the market and fair commissions on every transaction.

Cómo enviar dinero
1. Create your account for free or register.

Click on “Register" to send your money with Sendity. Creating your client account is easy, and will take just a few minutes. You’ll need to provide a phone number and an email address. You will receive an email from the team to validate your profile and that's it, you can start saving with your transfers from abroad.

2. Verify your identity

As you may know, current regulations require us to verify the identity of anyone making international transfers. This helps us to keep each client's money safe and to be able to detect any problems. To verify your identity we will ask you to take a selfie where your face is clearly visible and a photo of your identity document, you can use your ID (front and back photo) or your Passport. When starting this process it will be important that you create a 4-digit security PIN that will protect your money transfers.

This step is only necessary when you first sign up. Once you’ve verified your identity, you'll be able to use Sendity anytime quickly and easily.

3. Choose Chile as the destination country and enter the amount you want to send.

When indicating the amount you want to send, you will be shown the rate you have to pay for the service. With Sendity there are no surprises or hidden fees. We convert the currency of origin (EUR) to the Chilean peso (CLP) with the real market exchange rate and we always inform of the commissions in advance.

When you send money to Chile you pay a small fixed commission of 2.35 EUR and a variable commission of 1.5% on the amount to be sent.

4. Enter the beneficiary's details.

Provide the full name of the person who will receive the money in Chile, and their bank details. You can save their details as a “favourite” in your profile, and that will help to speed up future transactions.

5. Make the payment for your transfer to Chile.

Check the summary of all your transfer details. If everything is correct and you want to proceed with your transfer, click on “Make payment” and enter your credit or debit card details. If you have a discount code, don't forget to introduce it before the checkout.

Your money is on its way!

As soon as we have processed your transfer, you can track it in your personal area or using the unique code that we will issue. Your money (CLP) will reach the beneficiary in less than 24 hours. 

Start sending right away.

Transfer EUR to CLP or USD today at the official market price, and start saving money with Sendity.

promoción bienvenida Sendity

Five reasons why Sendity is the best choice for sending money to Chile:

  • We operate in 21 countries with the best exchange rate.

    Sending money from Europe to Chile with Sendity is really easy. We operate in 21 countries worldwide, offering a much more competitive rate for our service than other providers. Do you want to receive dollars in Chile?  Send remittances securely online to one of our partners. Sendity offers nationwide coverage in Chile, so your money can be sent to a bank account as quickly and easily as a domestic transfer.


  • Accurate and transparent information.

    We believe it's fair to know the cost of your remittance before you pay for your transfer. Sendity is against applying additional charges or hidden commissions. We like to be clear and honest with you, so we always offer the average market exchange rate. We also provide details in advance of the fees involved in transferring funds abroad. 


  • It's easy.

    The volume of transfers has tripled over time. Sending money to your loved ones in Chile is an everyday occurrence, and that's down to the convenience of Sendity's service. Send money to your friends and family from Spain or elsewhere in Europe, making an instant, easy payment in EUR. 


  • Remittances in less than 24 hours.

    If remittances are carried out during working hours, they usually arrive at the destination within 30 minutes, or up to a maximum of 72 hours if done over the weekend. This information is very useful, because when making an online transfer, we are looking for a low rate as well as a fast service, right?


  • Trust and security.

    You'll be pleased to know that we are legally required to protect your money by keeping it in a low-risk financial institution, because we're authorised to operate as an Electronic Money Institution. Whether you want to send money to Chile, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic or any of the countries where Sendity has a presence, your money is 100% safe with us. 



By your side for what matters most

  • Sendity is security.
  • Sendity is convenience
  • Sendity is honesty.
  • When sending remittances to Chile, what matters most to us is ensuring that your money is going to arrive. How can you be sure that it's safe to send money to Chile online? Sending money online is cheaper and safer than ever. What's more, the pandemic has shown that it's the only way to be close to your family and friends if there are travel restrictions in place. 

    Additionally, Sendity is an electronic payment entity endorsed by the Bank of Spain, so we are able to operate officially and securely in all Latin American countries, including Chile. This means that overseas transfers will be made with all the necessary security measures in place. 

    In fact, the number of online transfers to Chile has increased thanks to fast money transfer services like Sendity. Secure transfers via debit or credit card make transactions faster and more convenient. Sign up to Sendity today and enjoy all the benefits of sending money to your loved ones. We work every day to meet the needs of thousands of people who want to transfer money regularly or on an occasional basis.


  • We know that your remittances are really important, so we understand that when people want to make an online transfer, they wish to do so immediately. At Sendity we want to help you save time, which is why our service is available 24 hours a day to ensure that you can get funds to your loved ones quickly and easily. You can contact us at any time via WhatsApp, email, chat or our social media channels. You'll always find an attentive Sendity agent to help you, no matter when you get in touch with us.


  • We currently operate exclusively in 21 countries worldwide, including Chile. Our aim is to help your money reach any corner of Latin America with the best rates and without any hidden commissions. We want to make it easy for you to send money, without worrying or spending too much. Money business without any funny business is our motto – we’ll tell you about any costs associated with your transfer up front, and we always offer the official rate on the day.

Sendity operates under license from RevoluPAY EP S.L.U. RevoluPAY EP is it Authorized Payment Entity, supervised by the Banco de España and registered in the Registry of Entities with license number 6900.